Contractualization of temporary 2019

Publication of the list of the personnel retained within the framework of the contractualisation of the temporary

The Minister of Basic Education has the honor to invite the staff whose names follow, retained in the context of the contracting of temporary staff in service in some administrations and made available by decision N ° 002144 / MINFOPRA / SG / C.AD-HOC / ST of 04 November 2019, to complete their application for assignment, to the Human Resources Department of the Ministry of Basic Education, Sub-Department of Human Resources Development - Department of Human Resources management planning (3rd FLOOR, DOOR 302-C) as soon as this press release is released.

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Taux brut de scolarisation:
  • Maternel / Nursery: 37,5%
  • Primaire/ Primary : 122%

Taux brut d'admission au primaire=134%
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